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2020…What a Year!

Buttons have and will continue to tell the story of what is happening in our world. 2020 will be no exception. This year has brought us everything from quarantine to calls for reform, from toilet paper shortages to elections, and more. 2020 has quite the story to tell, and these customers helped tell it through buttons!

Watch our facebook page for more in the upcoming days and weeks as we look back at 2020 in review…through buttons!

Quarantine became the norm in the early part of 2020. Customers like from Canada spread the message with button positivity:

Social Distancing was a new concept, but one that caught on quickly.

Toilet paper. There was none.

2020 brought calls for human rights, social, and justice reforms.

And the loss of a very influential Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Yet, with the help of those that make the buttons and spread the messages, we head into 2021 with supreme optimism.

And a little bit of humor.

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7 Responses to 2020…What a Year!

  1. Buttonhead says:

    Here’s wishing Tecre and buttonmakers everywhere a very happy and successful 2021!

  2. CAOUETTE8 says:

    Thank you!!1

  3. GIACOMAZZI5154 says:

    Thank you!!1

  4. Rebecca Brisbin says:

    This post and the buttons you chose to showcase make me love giving you guys my business even more. I love Tecre!

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