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The Button Industry…One Size Fits All?

In a perfect world all button supplies would live in harmony with all button makers. You could purchase from any vendor in any country and you’d be provided parts that would be perfectly compatible with your button maker.

But no surprise here, we don’t live in a perfect world. And the button industry does fall short of this euphoric vision.

At times, for example, customers have purchased button making supplies only to find out they do not work with their particular button maker.

What gives? 

While Tecre’s button supplies are frequently compatible with the industry standard, there are a few outliers. Some of the more notorious ones have manufactured their parts differently specifically to NOT work with others in the industry. This encourages their customers to be able to work only with them to obtain supplies.


Not all is hopeless when it comes to cross compatibility. Tecre’s button supplies do work in many button makers that are currently on the market or were part of manufacturer’s past productions. In addition, Tecre does manufacture some parts that are specifically made to work with button makers from other manufacturers. You may see this listed on our site as “2-1/4” B.A.M.” or “3” B.A.M.” 


Through the years there have been many button manufacturers. If you are wondering if your button supplies are compatible with Tecre button makers OR if you have a button maker and are wondering if Tecre supplies will work with your particular machine, please call! We are happy to send samples for you to test OR accept samples of your material to test at our facility.

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