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Alert! Incompatible Button Makers!

Friends! We want to notify you of some button machines making an appearance in the online market space that are causing some issues. While we don’t normally spotlight other manufacturer’s button makers, we feel compelled to alert our followers about some of these since they look quite similar to a Tecre button maker.

Over the years, many button makers have attempted to imitate Tecre’s superior quality and standard and we have seen these consistently fall short. Oftentimes, these imitations come out of China. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we do not appreciate it when our customers are duped into a substandard machine purchase.

So buyers beware! These button makers are often found on sites like Amazon, or Many make claims that Tecre’s button making supplies are compatible with their non-Tecre button making machines. This is NOT true!

Such button makers are pictured below. While you can see they resemble a Tecre button maker, they do not live up to claims that Tecre’s supplies will function in these machines. Please do not be persuaded into buying this type of button maker with the hope that you will find compatible button making supplies from manufacturers like Tecre. See below:

If you are in possession of a non-Tecre button maker and you would like to see if Tecre’s parts are compatible, please contact us. We are happy to send you button samples to test in the button maker you have. Always keep in mind that Tecre can only guarantee the success rate and quality of your buttons if you use Tecre button supplies along with Tecre’s buttonmakers, with which they were designed to operate best.

Similarly, using non-Tecre button making supplies in Tecre button makers may void the machine warranty and certainly voids our zero-scrap guarantee.

Please contact us at any time with questions regarding Tecre’s button makers, button making supplies, and their industry-wide compatibilities.

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