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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tecre Resellers

Tecre has resellers. True! Tecre has more than 50 resellers. True True! Tecre has more than 50 resellers located all around the globe. True True True! We want to help you uncover some more truths and perhaps clear up some untruths regarding Tecre’s multiple resellers!

TRUTH! Tecre’s resellers simply have qualified for a status as a reseller through meeting specific purchasing and reselling guidelines. 

TRUTH! Tecre does not compete with pricing offered by resellers. 

Tecre’s resellers purchase Tecre button making equipment and button supplies in large quantities. As a result, they obtain special pricing. Tecre does NOT compete with pricing offered by resellers. Many resellers offer their own packages. Some include free shipping, others offer design CD’s. So apples to apples pricing comparisons aren’t always available. Feel free to find the package that suits your needs!

TRUTH! Not all resellers advertise their products as “TECRE” products. While some resellers seek to tap in to the notoriety Tecre has in the button industry, other resellers seek to brand themselves as their own company. If you need help identifying if a button maker or button making supplies seen online are in fact from Tecre, please contact us for verification or visit this blog post!

TRUTH! Tecre’s resellers are not technically “distributors” meaning Tecre doesn’t govern over or dictate their resellers’ business practices. Each reseller establishes its own pricing, package deals, marketing material, and logistical operations. Also, resellers only store merchandise they have purchased.         

TRUTH! Tecre’s resellers are not exclusive to any geographical location. This is good news for you as it expands your options! Keep in mind that the lowest price shouldn’t be your only criteria. Customer service, technical support, and relationships with your supplier are also great things to consider when purchasing button making equipment and supplies! 

Need help uncovering any more truths regarding Tecre resellers? Please call us at (920)922-9168 or email .

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