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A New Button with a New Look

What has 8 sides, 8 angles, and a near-perfectly crimped edge?  If you thought of a stop sign, you’re on the right track since Tecre’s new octagon button is capable of halting traffic.  The stand-out new shape is the opposite of subtle.  If you are not someone that likes to be noticed, this may not be the button for you.

Beyond standing out, the new octagon button flaunts the features claimed only by the Tecre-made button.  Pristine folds.  Tight Crimps.  Meticulous angles.  The only difference is this new button does it 8 times over.

Tecre’s new octagon button is an engineering masterpiece to behold.  What is the best way to welcome this audacious new size to the Tecre Button family?  Request a FREE sample!




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8 Responses to A New Button with a New Look

  1. Paul West says:

    This new size looks great! Will it be available for the electric machines as well as manual machines? 🙂

    • Tecre says:

      Yes! This dieset is available for both the Model 152 and Model 1095 Electric Button Making Machines! Would you like us to send you some samples?

  2. Ulisses says:

    I will love to see a heart shape

  3. GAURAV KAKKAR says:

    Hello New Button shape is looking great

  4. Marc says:

    Pricing Pleas. Very Cool.

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