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The Adjustable Rotary Cutter:  Is it right for you?

Just as there are different button makers for different levels of button productions, there are different cutters for different volumes of cutting.  Tecre’s Adjustable Rotary Cutter is ideal for customers that fit one of three criteria.

  • Small Button Jobs.  If you are planning on handling orders of 1000+ buttons, this cutter will not be the best fit for you.   The adjustable is more appropriate for those cutting a dozen graphics here and a dozen graphics there.
  • Fabric.  Looking for a small, portable cutter that will work for cutting fabric?  Yup, the Adjustable Cutter and you just became best friends.  See YouTube video below!
  • Cutting Multiple Sizes.  Some folks either purchase or come into owning multiple size button makers.  Unlike Tecre’s graphic punches, the Adjustable Cutter is capable of cutting graphics to work with 1”, 1-1/2”, 2-1/4”, 3” and 3-1/2” buttons!

You can read about some of the Adjustable Cutter’s features here, but nothing demonstrates a product quite like an amateur YouTube video!


Tecre's Button Making Supplies

Button Making Equipment: Tecre’s Adjustable Cutter

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