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3 Categories where Tecre’s Button Makers are Winning

Novice button makers all contend with the same choice between manual button makers that produce one size and other button makers with interchangeable dies.

Unlike Tecre’s electric machines, which are intended for large volume button producers, Tecre’s manual button makers do not have interchangeable dies. Each manual button maker produces one size. We are going to explain why this is better and why you should avoid falling for the allure of the manual button maker with interchangeable dies!

#1 Efficiency

Manual button makers with interchangeable dies are often marketed as the more efficient button making option.

Yet, Tecre’s manual button makers that are designed to produce one button size are the true picture of efficiency. While high volume button producers often produce buttons in one stationary space, smaller button producers have different needs. Their manual button maker needs to be quick and accessible at all times. They need to be easy to store. They need to be easy to transport. Got 4 small button jobs in 4 different sizes? No problem. Grab your 4 Tecre Button Makers and pump them out.

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Tecre’s Manual Button Makers vs. Button Makers with interchangeable dies produced overseas

It’s true that even our customers pumping out thousands of buttons daily with Tecre’s automated button maker keep their manual button makers on standby – they often use them for smaller button jobs!

#2 Price and Value

Many of the 3-in-1 button making machines are actually MORE expensive than purchasing three of Tecre’s manual button making machines.  Are you ready for a no-brainer? For a lesser price, you could get three Tecre manual machines and not have to worry about changing out dies to produce new sizes.

Furthermore, if you encounter a problem with a multi-die machine, you are left with no button maker to continue making buttons! I don’t know how to measure the cost of losing all button production but I am imagining the $$$’s adding up. Quickly. If Tecre’s manual button maker suffers damage, you are still able to continue making buttons with your other button makers while you service the inactive one.

Lastly, cheaper material reduces the value of the button maker. Every button maker you will find with interchangeable dies feature plastic pieces on the machine, such as a plastic die table carrier. There is no multi-size manual button maker that rivals Tecre’s all steel construction.

button making supplies, button maker, button making

You can always expect to find plastic on button makers with interchangeable dies.

#3 Convenience

There is one more nagging reality to consider about manual button making machines.  All of the button makers offering interchangeable dies are produced overseas – many come from China.  Even those sold by companies in the United States have been imported. When you need help or advice with your button maker, how convenient is it for you to receive support? Can you track down the origin of your button maker?

Tecre’s team is in place and when you call us, you deal with the very people involved in producing these top-quality American-made button making machines and supplies. It doesn’t get any more convenient that that!

If you have ever fallen for the false enticement of the 3-in-one machine, we promise not to hold this against you or publish your names on a “should have known better” directory. Take this knowledge and go forth with your button maker purchase, refusing to fall victim to the illusion of the multi-size manual button making machine!

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8 Responses to 3 Categories where Tecre’s Button Makers are Winning

  1. Clay Gullett says:

    I have four Tecre machines and am looking to buy a fifth one. The machines work great, and I have no complaints.

  2. Andrew says:

    Is the Tecre button maker the same as the American Button Maker Machine ?

  3. HENRY WHITE says:

    I used to have those button makers from china and sometimes I had problems, I also bought the different dies. So I bought a tecre 2.25, I was impressed with the ease of making a button. I am hooked. Since then I have 5 tecre button machines in different sizes. I am very pleased with their value and how sturdy they are. Al though supplies from different supplies are about the average across the board I can live with. So maybe my future will go for another bigger size machine we’ll see. But These machine are the best

  4. Sue freeman says:

    I am from Australia, is there a reseller here?
    I want to purchase a tecre button machine, but am afraid of the shipping cost?

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