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The International Language of Buttons

Tecre’s widespread client base has taught us something about the international language of buttons. It is widely regional and sometimes in flux.  There is no universal word for the button.  Let that sink in for a moment.  There is no universal word for the button.  To those avid button makers dedicating their days (and sometimes nights) to button making, this may be astonishing.  But the fact remains, there is no universal word for the kind of button you have come to know and love from Tecre.  This can be proven in a simple search engine query, where by if you enter the word “button” you will be inundated with results featuring keyboard buttons, social icon buttons, and those pesky shirt buttons.   This inevitably brings you back to Google where you are forced to add a helpful adjective to refine your search: promotional buttons, political buttons, photo buttons, button buttons.  Just buttons!

But what if you are not seeking the finished so-called “button”? What if you are seeking a complete kit?  Would you then alter your Google search to “button making kit?” And what about the supplies?  If you already have (& have grown an unusual attachment to) the Tecre Button Maker Machine, you may just search “button making supplies”.  This should provide you with satisfying results.  You could then purchase your button supplies from and leave as one satisfied button maker.

But Tecre knows these “button making” terms are not one size fits all. Our friends in Europe and many other parts of the world prefer to call the button a “badge”. Initially they purchase a Tecre “badge making kit”.  Once they become a seasoned “badge maker” by using their “badge machine”, they return to to purchase their “badge making supplies”.

If you are falling under the impression that the button lingo starts at “button” and ends at “badge” you are misled. With customers in over 70 countries worldwide, we know that fluency in the international button language requires much more.  It requires recognition of various other vocabulary including manual press, component parts, and pinbacks (not to be confused with pinned backs).  We don’t discriminate against the cute words and those who call our buttons “baby billboards”. And we certainly don’t judge you when you call our button accessories “thingamajigs.”

You don’t have to be fluent in button-ism’s to participate in the thrilling, lucrative world of button making. In fact you can master the button world with these five letters:  T – E – C – R – E.  If you can navigate to, we promise to equip you with the button making supplies and badge equipment that will transform you into a master button badge maker of all things buttons!

Now don’t even get us started on the Spanish translation for “button”.



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