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The Charming Tale of the New ChattySnaps® Button

This is the story of two friends from a BIG city with a BIG vision.  Their names were Annalee and Alicia and they had aspirations to revolutionize the traditional pinned back button.  They sought to develop a pinless button that could still be worn on apparel and accessories.  The research and development of their new product led them to Tecre’s doorstep, and a partnership was formed that helped bring these two friends’ dreams into fruition.

Tecre is proud to announce the addition of the ChattySnaps® pinless button you can wear to their product line.  The key is in the snap – a revolutionary nickel-plated brass socket female back that will snap into its male counterpart.  Having trouble visualizing?  Let us be the first to introduce you:

Button Making Supplies for ChattySnaps Buttons


Once you have recovered from your idea explosion initiated by the above depiction, you may not be able to wait to get your hands on this coveted new item.   If you own a 1-1/4” Button Maker Machine, you already have a jump-start on this charming child-friendly trend.  The rest of your ChattySnaps® checklist would look like this:

  1. ChattySnaps® Button Sets
  2. Optional Key Ring Straps
  3. Optional Stud Fastening Tool for easy attachment to a fabric material

While both items 2 and 3 on the checklist are optional, you would want to order one or the other to ensure you have the male counterpart to the ChattySnaps® back.  Replacement studs and posts to use with the Stud Fastening Tool are also available here!

This story of Annalee and Alicia’s quest to create a kid-friendly solution to the conventional button pin concludes with success.  They have combined their attractive alternative to the button with Tecre’s quality production of button making supplies.  It’s the kind of happily ever after ending that every story should have.  Although something tells us this happily ever after is only the beginning…






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11 Responses to The Charming Tale of the New ChattySnaps® Button

  1. Ray says:

    When are you going to have these for other size buttons ?

  2. Ray says:

    Would really like to see the 1.75 be the next machine for the ChattySnaps as more different items can be made with the 1.75 machine.


  3. Silvana says:

    I would like to see the ChattySnaps in the 1″ and
    1-1/2″ sizes.

  4. Midori Hirtzel-Church says:

    I would like to see the ChattySnaps in the 1-1/2″ inch size, please.


  5. Leslie says:

    One-inch please! These would be a great alternative to the magnet pendants!

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