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Mirror, Mirror, on the…Button!?

Button Making Supplies - Mirror ButtonIt is no fairytale; many of Tecre button machines do indeed have the ability to create mirror buttons.   This may be a difficult concept for us mortals to comprehend, but if you allow your imagination to run away with your button maker machine, you will see its full capabilities—capabilities that are very real, very tangible, and very profitable.

Although the button mirror is an enchanting item, there is no magic involved in its making.  The creation process is quite simple, and only has an extra step in the second die station of the button making machine.  As seen in the photos below, the shell, graphic, and mylar are placed in the first die station.  This is called the pickup station.  You will find as you explore your button maker machine that each accessory you can make will begin with these three items in the first die.

The second station is key—this is the step what will determine what appears on the back of your button.  The mirror button will have a collet, mirror, and shim in this die.  The collet will be inserted with the sharp edge up, the mirror the reflective side down, and the shim folded down as seen in the photo below.

Button Making Supplies - Mirror Button

You may have to refer to these images and video at first quite frequently.  But as you become accustomed to your button making machine, you will find that this is as easy as bippity boppity boo.




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