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How Much do Buttons Sell for?

If we had a penny for every time we were asked this question, we could buy a lot of buttons. The conversation usually goes something like this:

There is no “easy button” for this question. The margin is wide, the variables are many.  Buttons come in many sizes, attract many different markets, and sell in many different price ranges. So if you are trying to establish pricing for your buttons or determine your ROI before purchasing a button maker, good luck with that!

Only kidding. We’d love to help break this down for you. As mentioned, several factors influence button price. Let’s go over some of these!

Different size button makers make buttons that fetch for different prices!

Variable 1:  Size and Shape

Whoever said size doesn’t matter clearly was not talking about buttons. Size is a major determinant in establishing price. Will you be charging the same for a 4” button as a 1” button? Not likely. There is a perceived value in larger buttons. Plan to price accordingly.

In addition to size, buttons of various shapes also have a higher perceived value. This works in your favor. While the cost of rectangle, square, and oval button making supplies is comparable to those prices of the round shapes, their button making equipment is considerably higher. Take that into account when establishing your button prices. You can price these higher. Your customers EXPECT them to be priced higher.

Variable 2:  Uniqueness

How unique is the button? Is it a collectible? Vintage? Nostalgic? What sets it apart from all other buttons? It doesn’t really matter what makes a button unique, so long as it appeals to the buyer. In addition to rare, one of a kind buttons that tend to fetch a higher price, here are some other super unique factors that influence button price:   

Truly unique button making designs

Personalized buttons

Have you ever heard that people make decisions with feelings? Nothing hits the feels more than a personalized button. A button is just a button. But put my all-star three-time champion kid on a button and you know I’m gonna pay you $10 for that button! We see some of the highest pricing mark-up in personalized buttons.                        

Souvenir buttons

Preserving feel-good vacation memories is…well…priceless. So it’s no surprise that souvenir buttons can often sell for several dollars per piece. Souvenir magnet buttons sell for even more!

Licensed buttons

Most of you are going to skim over this section. Thank you…Next! It’s true that obtaining licensing can be a hassle. It’s not for everybody! But licensed buttons can really pay off with some selling for as high as $20-$30 per button. Are you glad you read this far now?


If you need proof that unique buttons can be very valuable, don’t take our word for it!  Look no further than the people that have researched buttons extensively and host the world’s only pin-back button museum—Busy Beaver Buttons in Chicago, IL. See more at

Variable 3: Quantity

Customers expect pricing discounts with quantity. They just do! But here is the good news – the more button supplies you purchase from Tecre, the steeper your discounts. Pass this onto your customers!


The best way to establish your button pricing is to research, research, research. Examine other buttons from other button sellers. Consider the variables outlined above. Consider your target market and demographics. Consider feedback from your clients and potential clients. How much do buttons sell for? That’s a loaded question. But no one will be able to determine a better price point for your buttons than you!

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6 Responses to How Much do Buttons Sell for?

  1. Clay says:

    2.25″ souvenir buttons.My customer charge $4.95 magnets each
    they sell 1.5″ each sell for $2.95 back buttos

  2. Raju roy says:

    I want sell buttom and all garment accessories

    • Tecre says:

      Thank you for your comment! While these buttons certainly can adorn and add an awesome accessory to any garment, Tecre machines do not produce the button fasteners for clothing. I hope this helps clear that up!

  3. trinity says:

    I usually sell mine for around a few cents thanks depending on how they look how much they would usually cost and how big they are also how what I would use them for

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