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DIY: The Conversation Heart Button

We love a novel button making idea.  And this one, which was super creative but yet surprisingly simple, came to us from our friend Amy.

When Amy beheld her Tecre Button Making Machine and contemplated the upcoming festivities, both the mom and teacher in her knew just what to do.  She used Tecre’s heart-shaped accent rings to frame colored paper with common conversation heart words and phrases.  Yes, folks, this is just plain paper + font + Tecre’s heart mylar rings (okay, the exception are the two emoji images seen here.  Also as simple as copy + paste.)

Thanks Amy for sharing this awesome idea!  We love!

please note: Heart-Shaped Mylar Accent Rings are available on in the 2-1/4″ size only. They are sold in purple and red (all rings are reversible in silver).




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