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Basic Maintenance Tips for Tecre’s Model 1095 Electric Button Maker Machine

Because of the simplicity of Tecre’s Electric Button Making Machine it is possible that you are already equipped with all the necessary tools to properly care the button maker.  Contrary to what you may think, you do not need a product like WD-40 to provide adequate maintenance.   In fact, spray lubricants can actually be detrimental to the machine and the quality of your button.  Instead, using the following 4 items will suffice for a comprehensive care routine for your beloved electric button maker:Button Maker Machine, Tecre, Button making supplies Electric Button Maker Machine, Tecre, Button making supplies Electric Button Maker Machine, Tecre, Button making supplies

A general rule of thumb is that the 3-in-One oil can be applied anywhere that there is visible grease on the button maker machine.  Most of these areas are indicated in yellow.   Depending on use, the electric button machine may only need lubricating about once every month.

It is important to note that only 1 drop of oil is needed.  Over lubricating will get you into a slippery situation involving excessive oil inside the button maker and the inability to clean effectively.

Periodically, debris and dirt should be removed from the button maker.  The best practice for this removal is to first lightly vacuum the machine’s innards.  This will remove any loose dust.  Next, you can spray the internal organs of the button maker machine with compressed air.  After spraying, lightly vacuum the insides once again before replacing the cover.

The video below demonstrates these maintenance tips for the Tecre electric button maker machine.   When in doubt, please call to discuss any concerns or questions!  (920)922-9168

***Remember any time you service the machine to make sure the power to the button maker is off***



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