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The Tantalizing Coaster Button

Tecre’s model 350 3-1/2” button maker machine is a true temptress.  While her large surface area makes it a very popular button size for photos (pay attention soccer moms), her most alluring trait is her ability to produce the enticing coaster button.Button Making Supplies - Coaster Button - TecreOffer to your customers either single personalized coasters or even coaster sets.  With price breaks starting at just about $0.30 per piece, it is a cost-effective way to expand your button line and generate interest.Button Making Supplies - Coaster Button - TecreThe coaster button requires a coaster adapter insert.  This will flatten the face of your button to allow it to support a beverage.  This insert can be purchased here for $57.00.  It is important for you to know whether you have a paper or a photo button making machine as it will affect which insert you should purchase.  If you need help determining which style button maker you have, feel free to call us at (920)922-9168.

The coaster insert should be placed into the upper die of the button maker machine, magnet side up.  As shown in the video below, you should feel this snap into place.  Be sure not to proceed until this is positioned correctly.  The button machine goes on to produce the button with the flat back.  Once the finished flat back button is removed, you may manually apply the adhesive cork.

A mini ejector rod comes with the insert to make for easy removal from the button maker machine after your coasters are completed.

Keep in mind this coaster button can only be produced with the dazzling model 350 3-1/2” Tecre button machine.  Will you be influenced her power to create the charming coaster button?

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12 Responses to The Tantalizing Coaster Button

  1. Bob Reed says:

    Laughing so hard! What do you do when the coaster spills your drink all over the floor. Looks like a worthless product to me. hope no one gives me one of those.

    • Tecre says:

      Thank you for your feedback. The coasters are produced using a coaster insert which flattens the top of the coaster allowing it to sit flat on the table. The pre-cut peel and stick cork is then applied to the back of the coaster making for a perfect gift that can be sold in packs of 4 or 6. Not even our coasters can prevent you from spilling your drink if you bump it, so drink responsibly!! 🙂

  2. Tameka says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I was wondering if there was anything I could use on the cork side, like a spray, that would stop the cork from getting messed up if wet cups are placed on that side. Also, I never knew you could use them on both sides. I think I heard you say that the mylar side would not get messed up if wet cups are left on it. Is that true?

    • Tecre says:

      Hi Tameka! We originally intended for the drink to sit on the cork side. But over the years we have heard many customers tell us that they actually prefer to put the drink on the mylar side. Either way will work and the mylar will protect the image.

  3. adriana says:

    I was wondering we you dont have the coaster option avaliable for 3 1/2 square button maker. And why the square option is so much more?


    • Tecre says:

      The coaster insert which flattens the face of the button is only available in the 3½” round size. The price discrepancy between the round vs. square and rectangle sizes is due to a substantial difference in the machining process. In short, we can complete enough dies to make about 10 round button machines in the time it takes to machine the dies for 1 square or rectangle button maker machine. This accounts for the price differences you see between the shapes and sizes! Thank you for your great questions!

  4. Sam says:

    If I already have my own press that is not a Tecre will this work with it? Thanks.

    • Tecre says:

      Hi Sam, this is a great question. Many times our component parts are compatible with machines from different manufacturers. If you ever are curious, please feel free to ask for free samples of the button components. The coaster insert, however, is designed to work specifically with Tecre’s button maker machines and will not be compatible with others. Let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

  5. Karine says:

    Is is possible to find a 4” rond coaster kit?

    • Tecre says:

      Hello! This is not available in the 4″ Button Size. Coasters are only available in the 3-1/2″ button size. Please feel free to request a free sample at any time! Thank you!

  6. Karine says:

    HI, where can i find a 3 x 3 inche square coaster machine ?


    • Tecre says:

      Hello! The Model 350 round button maker is the only one that works with Tecre’s coaster button making supplies. It can be noted, however, that you could make a flat back button with Tecre’s square machine (including the 3″ x 3″ button making machine). You would simply assemble the button without the pin inserted into the back. While we do not offer any square cork, some research could lead you to a supplier that can help you with desire to make a square coaster. Thank you!

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