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Button Making Supplies

Over time, the primitive pinback button has seen many transformations. Its never-ending evolution has progressed it through a variety of sizes and through a variety of applications, which can be applied to a variety of industries. Tecre has spearheaded many of these revolutions, such as the introduction of the magnetic bottle opener, the dainty 1” square, or the larger than life 3” square button. All of these creative advancements have been fueled by the people who generate ideas, our customers.

And now, Tecre has responded to yet another popular request – the call for finished products to be featured on our website. The pinback’s transformation into an item like a mirror button or a key chain button can be difficult to grasp. By including an image of the end product along with our button making supplies and the button maker machine, we hope to help people visualize what they are capable of producing.

Have a look around our online catalog and see how the pinback button has evolved! Is there something your button making machine is capable of producing that you weren’t aware of?

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