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Advertise in Tecre’s Trade Show Booth!

boothoutlineTecre needs your help!  We are currently updating our trade show booth and are in search of some new button designs.  What better way to showcase Tecre’s machines and their button making capabilities than to feature some of our customer’s awesome buttons!?!

If you would like to see your button in Tecre’s trade show booth as much as we would, please send them today to:

W5747 Lost Arrow Road   Fond du Lac, WI 54937  (ATTN: Tradeshow)

We welcome flat backs, magnets, bottle openers, or any other accessories you are using Tecre’s button making equipment to create!

Don’t forget your tagline with your company info on the buttons!  See here for tagline instructions!

Button Making Supplies

Look for your button to be showcased on Tecre’s Facebook Page!

update:  Tecre has suspended trade shows for 2018 as we focus on reaching our customers in other various ways.  This is good news for YOU as we make ourselves even more available to respond to your button making needs.  If you wish to share your samples, please feel free to send them in.  We love to showcase our customer’s work on our social media and are happy to direct them to your site!



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10 Responses to Advertise in Tecre’s Trade Show Booth!

  1. SB says:

    What is the deadline for this?

    • Tecre says:

      Hi Stephanie! We have a trade show next week and one in November and then we are done for the year. You could send in your sample at any time! If we missed it on next week’s show, we could always get it on there for the show after! Thank you for considering submitting your designs for the booth!!!!

  2. Bruce says:

    Is this something you will be doing annually? It would be a great method of promoting your clients, possibly stirring some competition for the most creative use of your products. I can certainly think of new materials to use as a substitute for paper or fabric.

    • Tecre says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Bruce. In 2017 we will be taking a step back from trade shows to focus on our digital platform. We remain open to customers sharing their work with us, we love to feature them on our blog and other social media pages. Feel free to mail us samples, email pictures to, or share things to our Facebook page. We love to showcase our customer’s creative masterpieces! Thank you!

  3. Mary cattapan says:

    Is it ok to share pictures of my snaps on your fb page?

    • Tecre says:

      Yes! We would LOVE if you shared your pictures to our fb page! Because of our Facebook settings, some may not appear immediately and we may have to “approve” first. But we are always excited to share our customer’s handiwork! Thanks Mary!

  4. Valerie Brooks says:

    Looking for plastic flat backs for 1.75 inch buttons…..does anyone know where to get them?

    • Tecre says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. 1-3/4″ plastic backs would not work properly with a standard 1-3/4″ manual button maker or dieset. In order for you to produce these, we would have to look into making custom equipment for you. This would only be available for a large volume of these parts. Please contact Tecre if you have additional inquiries. Thank you!

  5. Keith Gillette says:

    Give your booth could you use some cloth buttons? I made some shoelace buttons which also could be used as a ponytail holder.

    • Tecre says:

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks for your comment! We have not done any trade shows recently and we haven’t signed up for any in 2018. But we LOVE to see our customer’s creations. If you permit, we enjoy featuring our customer’s work on our blogs and social media pages and are always happy to tag your business page as well! Please feel free to email if that interests you!

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