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1-1/2" Square Cutting Die

Used with the Die Cutting Press to cut graphics for 1-1/2" square buttons. Cuts 2.207" x 2.207" square.

Product Features
  • Dimensions are exactly sized to +/- 0.0015"
  • Feed through design allows operator to position die by looking through the center hole of the die, ensuring perfect placement
  • High polished finish allows cutting die to easily slide through a stack of paper without undue friction
  • Can be re-sharpened in most cases
  • Cutting dies available for all Tecre's button sizes
  • Custom sizes also available upon request
  • Weight: lbs.
  • Length: ” Width: ” Height: ”
  • Clock Set: 0
  • Punch Type:
  • Made in USA
Price per Quantity
$ 525.00
Product No.: 4581