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Warning: This product can expose you to a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Patent #6,038,944
Patent #6,393,686
Patent #6,431,027
Patent #6,938,518
Patent #6,723,447

Model 200, 2" Round Button Machine

This button maker machine can also produce medallions by making a button without a pin and applying Tecre's Patented Third Press Operation. The third press operation to make trophy inserts cannot be performed on buttons made with pins.

Product Features
  • All metal construction
  • Cam-on-roller design requires very little physical force to operate
  • Button maker machine is compact and lightweight for easy storage and transport
  • Cushioned hand grip
  • Two-step button making process
  • Swivel dieset increases speed
  • "Positive stop" ensures upper and lower die alignment
  • Rust-resistant plating
  • "Zero scrap loss" engineering
  • For Graphic Cutting Needs Use: Model 2000, 2" Round Photo Graphic Punch (27068) or Model 2415, 2" Round Graphic Punch (27075)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Length: 10” Width: 3” Height: 6”
  • Clock Set: 0
  • Punch Type:
  • Made in USA
Price per Quantity
$ 275.00
Product No.: 24